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Works Consulting provides a variety of capabilities that achieve specified business needs of our clients.   Customization is key to implementation in different agencies.  Some of our existing accomplishments are listed below by title.  For more information on how these ideas can be applied in your agency, contact us by e-mail.

Arizona Highway Data (Implementation pending)
Web-based services for updating the HPMS database and traffic counting repository - in support of the Data Team's efforts in providing the best possible information.  View the State Highway System Log.  Review current projects and right-of-way resolutions.
LRS Tools for ArcView8.x (Implementation pending)
GIS-based techniques for efficiently providing updates to your highway databases of all kinds.  Carry forth from prior successful ArcView 3.x tools.
Alternate Route Information System (Implementation thanks to Arizona DOT)
GIS-based closure and detour generation tied to Arizona's own data sources and roadway network, and authorized alternate routes.  Deployment commencing 4th quarter 2002.
LRS Tools for ArcView3.x (Implementation thanks to Arizona DOT)
GIS-based techniques for efficiently providing updates to your highway performance and inventory databases.  Multi-agency approach.  Multiple data themes.  Brochure (71kB) PDF
Image Viewer with Feature Inventory (Implementation thanks to Arizona DOT) 
Linear-referenced access to Mandli Communications photo images - with feature inventory extraction capabilities.  Paint the results into GIS maps.  Brochure (276kb) PDF
GPS Capture (Implementation thanks to Arizona DOT)
Trace and feature acquisition for capturing roadway centerlines and reference (milepost) markers.  Drive and collect at normal highway speeds - if you wish.  Voice capture of attributes.  Brochure (159kB) PDF
GPS Tools for ArcView (Implementation thanks to Arizona DOT)
GIS-based techniques for reducing GPS centerline traces into GIS shapefiles (or for gathering travel time data).  Automated calculation of centerline from bi-directional traces.  Plan, Profile, and Speed Profile (for travel time) views.  Slope and curve calculation for HPMS submittals.  Older Brochure (159kB) PDF (stay tuned).
Best Path Routing
Oversize and Overweight Vehicle Routing Tools.   Brochure (57kB) PDF  (sorry about the graphic in the PDF)


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