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Cartography & Presentation
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Works Consulting provides efficient business processes and expert services to a variety of transportation-related clients.  Our analysis and solutions are backed by our exemplary background and experience in the following technologies.
Web Development   
Information resource management (IRM) has customarily fallen prey to proprietary database services that may be "data rich", but still provide limited "information".  Works Consulting encourages all data services to be available to all authorized users by exploiting web technology and enhancing that information with maps.....
Internet Map Services   
A picture is worth 1000 words....  and an internet map is the resource to access thousands of pictures...  or ten thousand traffic counts...  or a hundred thousand traffic crashes.  Works Consulting provides custom internet map services and consulting for your mapping needs.....
Traffic Count Compilation   
Traffic counting information is often relevant to an audience that is much broader than those limited few people who gather raw counts.  Works Consulting has developed an Arizona statewide mechanism for logging traffic counts and adjusting them for seasonal and axle factors.....
Network Analysis  
Roadway GIS often involves analysis of network connectivity.  Issues regarding the best (fastest or shortest) path are often relevant to providing efficient operations......
Linear Referencing Systems  (LRS)
Dynamic segmentation is an aspect of geographic information systems (GIS) that provides the most bang for the buck when a transportation agency is deploying a GIS.  The implementation of "Dyn Seg" in your GIS is probably the critical link between a successful GIS and the GIS that didn't meet the owner's need.....
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A successful GIS implementation has to be more than a series of shapefiles or coverages that reflect the spatial and attribute characteristics of the client's infrastructure......
Cartography and Data Presentation  
Works Consulting provides GIS-based data gathering and cartographic assistance to transportation planning studies.....
Training Materials & Services  
Works Consulting provides specific training opportunities that give the GIS-T user an improved perspective on how to exploit GIS technology for roadways.  Works also utilized video screen captures on CD ROM...so that all training events can be encapsulated for future use away from the classroom environment.....
Research and Development  
As project-based integration of GIS makes inroads towards enterprise-wide implementation, existing systems will need to adapt to the new way of operation.  Works Consulting provides research-based analysis of the implications of new technologies.....
Feature Inventory and Photo Log 
Agencies are spending millions of dollars capturing either GPS locations and/or photo imagery of their infrastructure.  Photo Log can justify it's means through a single thwarted lawsuit.  Field data capture with a GPS and a hand-held computer is hardly cost effective unless the effort is efficiently focused and designed.....


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